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Priston Tale game overview

Priston Tale
Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: December 31, 2003
Game engine Custom
Wicked Interactive
Free to Play

Priston Tale game review

For those gamers who dream of becoming an archaeologist and organizing an excavation, but in real life, it is not possible to do this, the game Priston Tale will be a good choice. This is quite an ancient MMORPG with no less ancient gameplay and picture.

Game world

The Priston Tale game world is one colossal continent on which two belligerents are fighting among themselves tribes: Tempskrons and Morions. At the same time, Tempscrons attack with the help of high technologies and physical strength, and the Morions rely on magical ones in battle abilities. In each of these tribes, there are four classes of characters that, over time, they can improve to 3 improved types. To achieve these advanced classes, you will have to use the typical Korean method - the destruction of hordes of monsters, for which you will receive experience. Essentially Priston Tale is a classic version of the Korean slate, which managed somehow survive to this day.

Features of the game

The only deserving Attention to the game's distinguishing feature is an opportunity to improve weapons due to the improvement of broken items when adding new details. In addition, the game was not remembered for anything remarkable and is more interesting in historical terms as one of the oldest Korean games today.

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