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Overview of Prius Online

Despite a three-year period of development and improvement, the Prius Online project could not be saved from its closure. Even the unique "3 characters" character system, with which it was possible to form an alliance with two additional creatures, did not save the situation. This system assumes the presence of an Anima girl as an assistant. In doing so, she could summon another robot-like character, Gigas. Such a system could be very promising, but in this case the situation was spoiled by the disgusting implementation of the project. Therefore, gPotato decided in March 2012 to close the project. This studio, by the way, is known in our country for the game Rappelz, which we already wrote about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. In order to somehow console the fans of the Prius Online project, the developers invited gamers to use the special tools received in it in other games of the company. Of course, this cannot be a consolation for those who really liked the game.

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