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Profane is a sandbox MMORPG originally from Brazil, INSANE has developed the project since 2015 for PC.

The plot of the game is slightly non-standard. Yes, it contains the eternal fight against evil and the destruction of the final boss, but the main goal is to restore the magic of the five elements and explore the ruins of old empires destroyed by the Inquisition.

Players in Profane are not limited by class or level and can travel worldwide right from the start. Development is also tied to research: the user can discover abilities and combat skills by studying them in locations and then develop them by using them often (as in Skyrim).

The game also has a complete loot system, meaning opponents can take all players' items after winning PvP. There are functions of building buildings, cities, and the formation of social systems. The latter includes taxing players in conquered territories. NPCs can also go to war with humans.

Initially, the developers plan to release the game in early access and sell paid founder's packs with access to Profane. But after the end of the RND period, the game will become free.

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