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Overview of the game Project Gigantic

Studio Eden Entertainment, previously known for the Action-MMORPG Lune of Eden, during the G-Star 2012 exhibition, announced a new product, the development of which, the authors of the studio are currently poring over. The game received the sonorous name of Project Gigantic and, judging by the trailer shown, the name of the project is not an empty phrase.

A giant shrouded in mystery...

You will have to deal with bosses of truly colossal proportions. Magic, modern technology and edged weapons are tightly intertwined in the combat system. The character design allows you to see in the thick of one battle both a monstrous creature of the underworld, and a juvenile anime kun, reaching just above the knees of those around her.

There is no exact information about the game mechanics in fights with huge bosses yet, but the authors vaguely hint at the importance of both the player's personal qualities and teamwork. Moreover, the second point is put forward by the creators of the game to the fore. The PvP mode is announced, but this is where the information about it ends. The release date, as well as the start date of the beta test, are kept in strict confidence. So let's wait for news...

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