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Project: Gorgon
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Overview of the game Project: Gorgon

Project Gorgon belongs to the popular fantasy MMO genre today. Two people worked on the development of the project. All this, of course, could not but affect the quality of the game as a whole. Its creators decided to recall such long-forgotten things as throwing loot on the ground and the presence of a tutorial. However, the game's most exciting feature, which the developers show off to the fullest, is the ability to put out the fire by simply running into the lake. Of course, after this, you don’t even know what awaits us in the future.

Project Features

However, we need such games to remember various old gameplay elements that do not exist in modern MMO games. For example, in Project Gorgon, it is possible to adjust the difficulty level, which affects the size of the penalty for the death of the hero; in addition, you can create books yourself and give them to the library as a donation and character development is not tied to a class. With all this, the game looks nice and pretty, despite the somewhat troublesome interface and many bugs. So today, we are dealing with an alpha version of the game, so we should not wait for something better. In the future, of course, Project Gorgon may get better.

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