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Project Ragnarok is an open-world MMORPG developed by NetEase for PC, iOS and Android smartphones, and consoles. The game is cross-platform, which means that players can participate in joint adventures on various devices.

The setting of the game is not based on the mythology of Asian countries, but is Scandinavian. Lore is tied to Ragnarok - the end of all things, the apocalypse. According to the prediction, it is about to happen and you, as a hero, have been called in to prevent this from happening.

In adventures, you will meet representatives of several fantasy races, explore deserts, plains, ancient caves, forests and city-states. It is reported that in order to create a better atmosphere of Norse mythology, NetEase even hired a second development team.

From the possibilities, the functions of free movement are known, including climbing rocks and flying, as well as taming mythical animals as riding. They also promise to change the time of day.

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