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Project: Valyria
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Overview of the game Project: Valyria

Project: Valyria is a fantasy-style browser-based MMO that tells about the distant times when the sun went out and the survivors were forced to wander in search of new worlds. Players are assigned the role of colonizers, who are not very lucky with the planet chosen for landing, having settled on which they were attacked by local and unfriendly creatures.

You will have to fight with them in the role of: Soldier, Worker, Scientist or Recruit. Don't let such a small selection of archetypes bother you, because the deeper you move in the gameplay, the more the skills of each class branch, as a result, this will lead you to thirty-six subclasses, opening up the possibility of creating a truly unique character.

As for the combat system, they go step by step. Players will have to fight with three types of monsters: small, medium and large. The size determines the number of opponents and the order in which they appear on the battlefield. In addition, in Project: Valyria, the ability to trade and form alliances is available, which will give you access to unique missions and alliance skills.

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