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R.F. Online (Rising Force) game overview

R.F. Online (Rising Force)
Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: August 10, 2004
Game class / Title: AAA
Game engine Unknown
CCR, Inc.
Free to Play

RF Online Game Review

At one time, the game RF Online was prophesied with the loud title "ruler of the line," but she did not receive such a big title. At the same time, the project became quite popular and acquired fans and admirers, which was repeatedly written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The game's full name is Rising Force, but many not very distant personalities still think that this abbreviation means nothing more than the russian (the terrorist state) Federation.

Game description

RF Online, like most similar projects, includes three races. These are Bellato, Acres, and Koras. Bellato is closer in spirit and appearance to humans, while the Kors are fanatical divine elves. The most unusual race is the Akrets - these are steel robots, more like transformers.

All races differ from each other, not only in appearance but also in unique abilities. For example, Bellato can control giant robots, which is very useful in combat. The kors summon the spirits of nature called Animuses and can deploy powerful stationary cannons that deal massive damage to enemies.

The game has four classes - Shooter, Warrior, Sorcerer, and Specialist. It can be immediately noted that the Akrets do not have sorcerers, which is quite logical. Professions can be chosen to start at level 30. At this stage, you can select the first profession for your character. Beginning at the fortieth level, you have the opportunity to choose a second profession. In both cases, one has to choose between two specialties. At the same time, each domain has its own set of skills.

PvP Mode

In RF Online, the leading role is played by the PvP mode, which takes up most of the game time. Although the gameplay is built so that you must always be on alert even when destroying monsters during the grind. This is because a hero from the enemy faction can walk nearby and will not mind attacking you. There are epic large-scale battles in RF Online, which are made in the form of fighting between sections for the right to own the Krag Mines. These mines perform an essential function by participating in the game's economy. Therefore, a race that controls other people's mines can extract valuable ore there. From this ore, crafting materials and various valuable stones are subsequently produced.

Race leaders

In RF Online, there is such a thing as the Leader of the Race. This system is presented here in a rather exciting form. Leaders for each race are chosen once a week through a particular vote. To run for this honorary post, you should have a lot of points earned in PvP battles. For example, many experienced gamers conduct raids on enemy territory to get these points, whereas beginners are pumping.

General impression

For many gamers, RF Online will immediately seem somewhat primitive and superficial. However, this opinion can change significantly if you take a deeper look at this game and delve into all the details.

Among the main advantages of this original project are a carefully developed crafting system, a non-standard skill development system (here, with more frequent use of any skill, it will be pumped faster), and an exciting large-scale PvP that you meet at every turn. All this makes RF Online a severe competitor to many dinosaurs of the genre.

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