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R5R5: Extreme Raid
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R5 game review

R5 (R5: Extreme Raid) is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG for PC and mobile developed by YOOZOO in partnership with Perfect World Entertainment. Therefore, the project stylistically and gameplay resembles a relative in the Perfect World genre.

The game, like any other mobile MMORPG at the moment, has auto-fight, auto-run and auto-questing, which sometimes makes it seem like everything happens without your participation. However, in battles with monsters, there are various attacks on the area, where auto-battle is not appropriate and you need to dodge yourself.

R5 offers 6 different classes to choose from: Knight, Minister, Sorceress, Arrow, Assassin and Vampire. As they level up, they can get one of two different specializations. In other words, the number of archetypes can be safely increased by 2, and it will become 12.

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