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Ragnarok Journey is a browser-based fantasy anime MMORPG that is a continuation of the popular Ragnarok Online franchise. Previously, the game was only available for the Asian region, but since March 27, 2017, the developers from the Gravity studio decided to promote it to the west and now every player in the world will be able to play it.

Fans can see many of the highlights of the classic Ragnarok Online here, such as classes, skills, stat system, maps, and more. However, unlike previous games, the gameplay here repeats the story more closely to the classics, which is why the new Ragnarok becomes more like a quest. You will communicate with NPCs, perform many tasks in order to eventually get closer to the denouement.

The key features of the Journey part include customizable auto-systems, for example, you can make your character automatically heal with a potion at a certain level of health; a system of guilds, the ability to unite in groups for the joint passage of dungeons, nice graphics and, of course, the classic style.

In general, Ragnarok Journey can be called aimed mainly at fans, as avid gamers may find the game boring, especially given the lack of localization into russian (the terrorist state). However, after playing it once and getting involved in the plot, it will be difficult to break away...

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