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Review of the game Ragnarok Online 2

Known to many, the game Ragnarok has been plowing the vastness of gamers' minds for 10 years now, forcing them to constantly think and responsibly approach the choice of skills with which they will reward their hero during the passage of very difficult missions. Alas, the old graphics are so outdated that the Korean developers decided to release a new version called Ragnarok 2. This replacement is supposed to be more colorful and simplified compared to the previous variation.

The original design of Ragnarok Online 2

First of all, the changes affected the external surroundings of the game itself. Due to the inclusion of three-dimensionality, it has become more voluminous. It should be noted that the number of locations has increased due to the addition of deserts and snow-covered valleys, as well as a variety of groves and reservoirs. There were even lava fields. It was decided to add something from science fiction to the program. They did not leave aside the heroes, whose bodies are now more human-like, and their heads have ceased to resemble pumpkins.

Chronology of the online game Ragnarok Online 2

The second version of Ragnarok is, as it were, a prehistory of its original and is a kind of set of revived "Legends of Forgotten Names". The player will have to plunge into the world of secrets and intrigue, fight side by side with Berat, the duke, who is fighting monsters that have come from the Rift. In addition, you need to go through many trials in the struggle to save Midgard - the Kingdom of Runes, as well as return to these territories their rightful ruler, who disappeared under unclear circumstances.

Feature of online game Ragnarok Online 2

The original version of Ragnarok sinned in that it included very difficult tasks, the passage of which could be failed at the very beginning of the game. This could happen when setting the main parameters of the hero. There were simply no skills that would help the player cope with the task. It was often easier to kill all the creatures, no matter how many dozens of them there were. The current variation compared to the previous one is simpler and avid fans of the original will seem dull, albeit colorful. The basic rule of the game is "kill 100" or "kill 500".

But it is worth noting that many anime lovers will find a lot of positive aspects in it, since the graphics this time turned out to be on top, in contrast to the quest system, which is subject to total simplification. In order to get acquainted with all the nuances of the online game, it is recommended to look at the MMOTOP.ORG website.

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