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Ragnarok Online
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Review of the game Ragnarok Online

Surely every gamer will be surprised that artists from South Korea acandraw. Many readers will be astonished that artists from South Korea can draw not only little girls with big eyes but also courageous characters from the mythology of the Scandinavian people. However, this is a fact, and these guys managed to create a Ragnarok Online game based on the original comics of the well-known writer Li-Mion Jin in narrow circles.


According to the plot, the game's events occur many years after the great war of people, demons, and gods. The opposing races signed a truce for a thousand years. After this period, the agreements began to be violated. It turned out that the magical barrier created to maintain the balance between the worlds was about to collapse. At the same time, the inhabitants of Midgard remembered the legend about the heart of the giant Ymir, which was broken into many pieces, scattered all over the world, and capable of saving the world.

Game Benefits

Among the game's advantages, Ragnarok Online is excellent implementation and graphics. The game looks like charming 2D models of manga characters, which we managed to fit into a colorful 3D background picture. In addition, the game interface is convenient and straightforward, which plays a vital role for gamers. It is also worth highlighting a pleasant and beautiful soundtrack from the TeMP studio.

Hero Development

When creating your character, you should not forget about the choice of gender, which needs to be given sufficient attention here. This is due not only to the presence of a wedding in the game with all the ensuing consequences but also to the fact that the chosen gender will affect the profession. For example, only a man can become a bard, while a dancer is suitable for a woman. In Ragnarok Online, several dozen professions you can figure out during the gameplay.

The game has the usual parameters, such as endurance, strength, agility, etc. During pumping, your character develops in two directions at once - developing basic and professional abilities. Each time you level up, you gain one skill point that can be spent on learning new skills or improving old ones.

Game modes

The most popular game in Ragnarok Online is PvP, which is based on controlling twenty castles. Owning castles provides owners with great opportunities to obtain rare and valuable items. As a rule, the strongest guilds exercise control over castles, and relatively young factions can also take possession of courts. For example, in the Island location, young heroes can capture four castles.


A special place in the game is occupied by pets, which are presented in a large assortment in Ragnarok Online. To date, there are about 30 varieties of creatures. They need to be regularly watered and fed so that later they grow up and learn to communicate. Such a pet will travel with you everywhere and delight with all sorts of tricks. At the same time, with a bad attitude, the animal may altogether leave you.


Thus, despite the relatively long period, Ragnarok Online is a worthy project in terms of visual performance and gameplay. This proves once again that good games never get old.

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