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Review of the game RaiderZ

It is worth admitting that each of us loves to fight strong huge bosses. Some people like the thrill of significant battles, while others do it for achievements. Some players are engaged in the destruction of bosses only to get good loot. At the same time, in most modern MMORPG games, there are not many powerful bosses. Moreover, before meeting with them, you will need to go through many locations and develop for a long time. Against the backdrop of these games, the RaiderZ project stands out, where you can find bosses almost anywhere in the vast gaming universe. This game has a separate review on the MMOTOP.ORG website.


However, in RaiderZ, there are a lot of not only big bosses but also standard monsters. At the same time, the fight against them is also quite interesting, which was made possible thanks to introducing a new dynamic battle system. This project offers the player to experience a new non-target system, which is very promising. In addition, the game has a mechanism for quickly dodging enemy attacks, which is especially relevant when fighting bosses. Such battles look more realistic since you can’t just aim at the enemy and stupidly click on hotkeys here. Although, there are also hot teams in RaiderZ.

Using hotkeys

In the game, hot teams are also implemented in a way that is different from traditional MMO games. The difference is that the keys are not tied to the skills of a particular class. RaiderZ has four standard courses. At the same time, by choosing any of them, you get access to the skills of all other types a little later. The game offers the opportunity to become a healing warrior or a well-protected nuker. Modern game mechanics in RaiderZ allows you to create a unique specialization for your hero.

Buffing system

The buffing mechanism here is also unique. This is due to the possibility of eating, which is an actual group event. Therefore, as soon as you take out food from the inventory, it will immediately appear on the screen as a cauldron or a piece of meat. Other members of your team can also participate in this snack. At the same time, they can add their food here, turning such a harmless snack into a real feast.

An important novelty in the buff system can be considered playing musical instruments. Of course, there is nothing particularly new in this. However, in RaiderZ, this process is interactive. To play the guitar well, you need to press specific keys correctly. At the same time, some people manage to create quite exciting melodies. However, most gamers squeeze out an ear-piercing set of sounds from the instruments.


An essential advantage of RaiderZ is that it can be considered a well-thought-out craft. In the game, ready-made items will never fall out of big bosses. As a rule, unique materials drop out, from which you can craft high-quality items for uniforms. Recipes for crafting are bought at a particular market from artisans.

General impression

In general, RaiderZ has excellent graphics and entirely original gameplay. Regular battles here look pretty interesting, while boss battles here are quite tricky and require the player to use all his team play skills. To win, you need to fight as a team. Otherwise, you will never succeed in RaiderZ.

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