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Rainbow Saga
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Rainbow Saga is a 2D arcade platform game where players don't need patience or tactics, just the ability to quickly tap keys on the keyboard to kill mobs, collect loot and, of course, level up. The project is in many ways similar to the legendary platformer "Super Mario", only after about 30 years of progress.

According to the plot, we are heroes called to save the kidnapped princess. But in order to save her, you need to redo a bunch of things: clear a good number of instances for the sake of good equipment, kill a lot of mobs, find friends, level up and learn a huge number of new skills. In general, the main thing is that the princess does not turn gray while you are doing these things, otherwise there will be no point in saving her.

So, if you like crazy cartoon-style platformers, destroy everything that moves, and also plan to buy a new keyboard, then welcome to Rainbow Saga, a project that is clearly made with soul and in which it is pleasant to pass the time.

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