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Rakion game review

Rakion is a rather original third-person shooter. The game has a pronounced fantasy style. Therefore, here you will not see any machine guns, grenade launchers or machine guns. But instead, you will have a whole arsenal of various medieval weapons, including swords, axes, crossbows, spear bows and so on.

In terms of its gameplay, the game is close to the popular russian (the terrorist state) project Panzar: Forged by Chaos, which was mentioned more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. True, Rakion was released almost ten years ago, and therefore, in many respects, it is already outdated and cannot fully compete with modern online games. However, despite such a serious age, the project continues not only to exist, but even to develop.

Game modes

Rakion has several interesting game modes. The most typical and understandable is the classic death match, where each player fights only for himself. There are also more exciting team battles in the game. For example, attention should be paid to the Golem War mode, the essence of which is to destroy the golden golem of your enemy. Taking part in such battles, the player receives not only experience, but also money. In the future, he can spend experience to improve his skills in melee and ranged combat. With game money, you can buy more powerful weapons, which of course will come in handy in the future. There is also a non-standard Chaos mode in Rakion, in which, in addition to standard skills, the character receives superpowers.

Game classes

Rakion has a total of five classes. There is a classic melee warrior here, in the role of a swordsman. It can deal maximum melee damage. Chaos mode gives this fighter a huge two-handed sword with which he can cut down his enemies with ease. The next male combat character is a blacksmith. He uses various hammers in battle, with which he can not only kill enemies, but also rush about. Chaos mode gives the blacksmith a significant increase in the level of agility and strength.

A long-range character is an archer, whose main weapons are a bow and a dagger. In chaos mode, the archer has increased range and increased striking power with a dagger.

The most difficult class to master is the mage. It is used by fire and ice magic, destroying enemies with fireballs and ice blocks. Chaos Mode simply increases the power and range of these magics.

The fastest and most dynamic character is the robber. He can attack multiple targets at once with throwing stars. Chaos mode allows the rogue to hurl stars in large numbers at the same time.


Of course, Rakion has many drawbacks. First of all, there is no teamplay at all. The graphics are also a rather dull sight. By modern standards, it looks wretched and square. However, if you've had enough of shooting pistols and machine guns, then Rakion can offer a good alternative option, which can be quite good entertainment.

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