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Overview of RAN Online

Ran Online is a pretty standard Korean-made browser game. The plot of this project is based on the confrontation of four factions of secret agents who are fighting for power over the entire planet. These factions are the fruit of the inflamed imagination of one of the writers of the project. According to the scenario, a meteor shower hit the Earth, which not only destroyed most of the planet, but also opened a portal to other dimensions. From there, according to the law of the genre, all kinds of monsters began to arrive, which began to devour everything in their path. To fight these monsters, the Sacred Financial Group was created, in which there were originally 4 groups: phoenixes, mystics, priests and some leons. Subsequently, the Group broke up and each of the groups began to act on its own, destroying not only monsters, but also representatives of other schools.

Content Features

If you do not take into account the gameplay, then Ran Online can be considered a completely ordinary good-quality game without much zest. There are four classes of characters in the game:

- Fighter, who uses ordinary gloves in battle; - Warrior, who prefers to fight with melee weapons; - Shaman, who uses a magic wand to attack enemies; - Archer, deftly wielding arrows.

The rest of the game content is also not something unusual. There are standard quests, a skill tree, the ability to upgrade weapons, an in-game store, PvP mode and crafting. That is, this is everything that has already been met more than once in the games presented on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The undoubted advantage of the game is the graphics, which look like real 3D. This is not seen in all browser games, which gives Ran Online an edge over the competition.

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