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RebirthM is an MMORPG project by Caret Games for mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. The game was originally released in Korea and has now spread worldwide in English.

At the heart of RebirthM is an open fantasy world that players enter after character creation. The class varieties in the game are chatyre: these are the Wizard, Berserker, Assassin and Ranger (an analogue of the archer). Among the features, one can single out a “unique” pumping system that allows you to almost instantly increase the level of a hero to one hundredth and then engage in his “endless” development.

Among other things, the game contains dungeons with the ability to pass in a group of up to 20 people, collecting pets, mounts, wings and their derivatives (transformation system). There are also daily quests and special challenges, for the passage of which interesting rewards are due.

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