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Red Blood Online
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Overview of the game Red Blood Online

Red Blood Online is an original fantasy MMORPG project created by the Korean team Gorilla Banana. What is interesting about the game from these Korean specialists, we tried to figure it out on the MMOTOP.ORG website. It turned out that everything here is more or less typical for games made in Korea. Red Blood Online places a lot of emphasis on collecting epic items and dungeon crawling.

The game was announced over five years ago back in 2009. However, this Korean-made project appeared on the market quite recently. For four years, the creators of the game tried to work out the product as much as possible so that in terms of its characteristics it would come close to AAA-class games. Their efforts were not in vain and brought good results, and Red Blood Online took its rightful place among modern MMORPGs.


The plot of the game tells about the events unfolding on our planet after a global catastrophe. Only four countries managed to survive this global cataclysm. They will confront each other in this war.

As the main soldiers of Red Blood Online offers people subject to gene mutations. There is nothing unusual about the plot. Everything is quite typical and understandable. To date, there are three main classes of heroes in the game - the classic wizard Elementalist, the strong tank fighter Brusier and the dynamic warrior-killer Knight, who are genetically modified people. At the same time, two of the three classes are female.

Battle system

The combat system in Red Blood Online is based on the now popular non-target style. It allows players to use random combos. In addition to combo attacks, there are powerful AoE damage that allows you to achieve mass destruction.

Such a system provides guidance on several targets at once. It resembles the system already seen in Tera Online. Fighting with the enemy on his own, the combat mechanism automatically aims at the opponent. If there are many enemies, then he chooses those who are located directly opposite the hero. In general, the combat system of Red Blood Online looks pretty high quality and dynamic.


A distinctive feature of the gameplay is excellent graphics and a well-designed soundtrack, which was created by Jeremy Soule himself. In addition, the animation of battles is well developed, which is also important. Of the other features, it is worth highlighting a system that allows you to achieve random generation of dungeons. It is here that players will have to spend almost all their free time. Red Blood Online has both single locations and group locations where you can see real bosses.


For many gamers, Red Blood Online is nothing more than a stripped-down Tera Online mod. In fact, this is true, because the games have a very similar network mode. Of course, Tera Online's graphics are more attractive and interesting. But, let's hope that Red Blood Online still has everything ahead, as it is at the development stage.

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