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Red Stone 2
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Review of the game Red Stone 2

For the first time information about the game Red Stone 2 appeared more than five years ago. This project was a continuation of the famous two-dimensional MMORPG called Red Stone. However, lately the game has not been remembered. The next mention of the game appeared at the G-Star exhibition, which took place in 2012. At this exhibition, the first video about Red Stone 2 appeared. Judging by this video, the game managed to progress from 2D graphics to 3D. At the same time, the novelty has retained all the positive qualities of the gameplay of the first part.

The main features of the game

The main positive features of Red Stone 2 can be considered an interesting plot and a dual class system. That is, each character here has two different forms that can develop separately. To date, the game has 4 main classes, as well as RvR and PvP modes. In addition, there was information that in Red Stone 2 a large role will be given to group quests. At the same time, some of them will require the presence of a certain character class in the group. Unfortunately, the game is mainly designed for the Japanese audience, so it may not appear in Europe soon.

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