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The online gaming market is now so crowded with products of varying quality that it looks like it's going to burst. At the same time, it is interesting that initially there were only a few successful and high-quality games, after which many clones appeared, which simply crushed gamers all over the world. One of the really cool and successful projects is the Regnum Online game, which is still popular with players, despite its nine-year-old age. You could read more than once about this project on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Creating Heroes

In Regnum Online, creating a hero will not take you much time. It consists of choosing a character's realm, gender, and specifying several parameters using sliders. Three realms are available - Alsius, Sytris and Ignis. After choosing all these characteristics, your character will be able to conquer the already quite old game world.

In this world, as expected, all three kingdoms are fighting among themselves for the right to own territories. At the same time, players belonging to different kingdoms cannot contact representatives of another, as well as exchange things. The only way to interact with the heroes of the opposite nation is to kill them, which pleases PvP fans. There are only three classes in the game, but as you level up, you can also choose certain subclasses. Therefore, with a variety of games, you will not have any problems.

Game world

The game world, as already mentioned, is divided between three kingdoms, each of which has its own territory. On each of these territories, in turn, there are zones: the Inner Kingdom, the Starting Zone and the Combat Zone.

At the starting location, there are several villages with NPCs that provide various simple tasks for pumping. In the inner kingdom, there are two large cities and two more settlements with merchants and trainers. These towns with trainers and traders provide opportunities for grinding, farming and other such things. This zone was fenced off from the combat location with a large wall so that players from other nations would not observe the internal affairs of the kingdom.

In this wall there is a Great Gate through which the hero can enter the Combat Zone. This area includes several fortifications and castles. This is where most of the battles between the three kingdoms take place. This location also contains the best places for character development, where small fights between users take place.


Of course, everything that is in Regnum Online is familiar to gamers. However, all this has become familiar now, and this game was at the very origins of this popular genre. Despite its age, Regnum Online continues to successfully compete with many modern games.

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