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Reign of Darkness
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Reign of Darkness is an indie fantasy MMORPG created by just one person. The project has been in development for more than six years and is still far from perfect, but already has classic elements of the genre.

This is a well-developed fantasy world that was struck by a plague in 1348 AD, the ability to hire mercenary companions to make the game easier, mounts, including dragons, several races, types of armor, areas to explore, a variety of enemies, from beasts to demons and unpredictable monsters, implemented using Game Masters technology.

Also in the game there are dungeons, a system of development up to level 100, over 120 skills for a targeted combat system, where each attack is a virtual roll of the dice (based on the classic rules of tabletop D&D). At the moment, the game is at the stage of early access, and the release is expected in 2020-2021. Then the author plans to further expand the content, improve PvP and add features.

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