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Reign of Guilds is a first-person MMORPG set in a medieval setting developed by domestic, indie developers. In it, users will join guilds, fight and negotiate among themselves for titles, castles, and the throne. By the creators themselves, the project is positioned as hardcore, and PvP-oriented, with friendly fire, turned on so that lovers of peacefully growing vegetables have nothing to do here.

The map in the game is extensive and consists of four parts, represented by the cardinal points: north, south, west, and east. Each of its "pieces" is 200-250 square kilometers, accommodating more than thirty castles, up to seven counties, and up to ten cities and villages. The central place of the map is occupied by the royal county - the main area for guilds and high-level players. Movement between locations is free, but the transition from one part of the world to another occurs through the royal county or teleports.

The game has a single race of people, there is no division into classes, and the creation of a hero consists of such components as appearance, gender, and name. Pumping is done similarly to Skyrim, where the character's level also increases depending on the frequency of using skills. Currently, two development milestones are available: the physical and the magic branches, which have four characteristics each. The milestone level can be raised to the 60th, and the character also rises to this level.

The gameplay of Reign of Guilds is made in the first person and includes many possibilities. There is a non-target combat system for many professions, castle sieges, guild battles, trade, diplomacy, and the seizure of land for subsequent tax collection. And, of course, endless PvP, where you can even kill your friends. The latter is done to get loot since the game features a "free" item system that is not tied to a character.

In general, already at the alpha stage, the project looks tempting, fresh, and at the same time, nostalgically pleasant. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if the ten people at AtlantGames will not lose their enthusiasm halfway through and succumb to the greed inherent in many indie developers.

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The exact start time for the early access of MMORPG Reign of Guilds has been announced


Atlant Games studio has announced the exact time for the early access launch of the medieval MMORPG Reign of Guilds....

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