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"The Repopulation" is a fantasy Massive Multiplayer Online from Above and Beyond Technologies that recreates the second wave of colonists settling the planet Rhyldan. Humanity is on the verge of extinction and in the midst of a civil war, the appropriate decision was to resort to population cloning technologies. Aside from the plot, this will be a completely fresh look at the MMO genre, where attention is paid to revolution, not evolution, if, of course, by the release in 2015 the studio manages to translate into reality the announced set of new features aimed at "reconciling old-school and next generation players.

The task of the developers is to create a new approach that combines the sandbox and the theme of mechanics Park. In the PvP (player versus player) system, it is planned to introduce three factions of two nations (OWON or FPR) and independent outcasts. Factions will have their own walled cities made up of users' personal properties such as houses, workshops, towers, shops, and other forms of ownership (the publisher does not specify). Cities, of course, can be taken by storm by the enemy faction. In the course of hostilities, crafting, social relationships, the experience of more than a hundred skills will grow, developing within fifteen levels.

The plot will be generated by a system that provides random events that regularly occur around the world. These events can evolve, spread, and mutate depending on how players react to them, with the promise of truly epic proportions. The battles will be both general and random, and all players who take part in them will be eligible for automatic rewards. It will be possible to control the character during the battle in two modes: familiar to traditional MMORPGs, and innovative (Action Mode combat), probably something like “first-person”.

"The Repopulation" is not only about the war. There will be many types of non-combat activities, allowing you to work in conjunction with allies, and indulge in free bread using an advanced crafting system. It will be possible to reconstruct literally everything: transport mechanisms, siege machines, equipment, weapons, as well as robots. You can even genetically modify living pets, from which you can rally a small controlled squad. Experiments and research, by the way, will be rewarded, including travel, if you, for example, go to study the map. The NPC characters you meet will react sensitively to your behavior, creating a status for the players. But the consequences of certain actions in the forces will be prevented until the problem has grown into something catastrophic.

The site MMOTOP.ORG can only add that the upcoming project by Above&Beyond Technologies is one of the most anticipated events in the gaming industry. This synthesis of Sci-Fi shooter and MMORPG is being developed on the promising Hero Engine, which gives good graphics and performance. In all likelihood, something grand is waiting for us - what online genres have been needing for so long.

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