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Overview of the game Requiem Online

Among modern online games, they are distinguished by excessive politeness and friendliness, which border on cuteness. At the same time, attractive graphics, picturesque landscapes, and sexy elves are often needed to hide gameplay flaws. This is a complete imbalance, lags, unsuccessful mechanics, and similar things.

Of course, there are companies with a more serious approach to business, which include the Korean firm Gravity. Her most famous creation is the game Ragnarok Online. We'll talk about the new brainchild of Korean developers called Requiem Online. This game combines many elements that can be seen in many other projects in this genre. However, many points here distinguish Requiem Online from its competitors.

Game features

The uniqueness of the post-apocalyptic world of Energia should immediately be noted, where the main actions of the game will unfold. Attention is drawn to the details of the large-scale decline of a powerful civilization created by eight races. Of course, this game world is not very familiar to those who are used to the beautiful landscapes of Lineage or Aion. This does not mean that the graphic elements have a disgusting appearance. It's just that a certain gloom and cruelty distinguish them. There are many frightening details here. For example, the appearance of some monsters is designed so that the thought of the abnormality of their creators may creep in.

In addition to the game world, there are many other unique things in Requiem Online that you can find out about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. For example, nightmares, molecular engineering, and more. It is noteworthy that in Requiem Online, there is a change of day and night. In the dark, real nightmares occur. At night, many terrifying monsters appear in the game, which can be much stronger than during the day. The creators decided to make killing one of these monsters a way to complete many quests. One of them is considered a quest for an animal rune, with the help of which its owner can quickly turn the hero into a combat image, which is the possession of the Beast.

Combat system

As for the combat system, it is characterized by increased complexity, which will enable even the most experienced players to play Requiem Online. At the same time, each race has specific new skills and abilities. Thanks to this, even within a race, it is possible to change tactics in Hero Battles and the path of development of a particular character. According to the game's rules, fights can only occur by joint agreement of all opponents, but these battles do not cause the death of the heroes. In addition, Requiem Online also has unique battlefields, where even members of different servers can fight among themselves.

The uniqueness of the game world

The game world of Requiem Online is exciting. Here you can see all the consequences of decadence with devastation, overcast skies, and ruins. The design of the world of Etergia includes large deserts that are crossed by dried-up rivers, as well as natural forests with prominent temples on top. After you get to know the game better, you will understand why it is called the demolition of a crazy paranoid tormented by nightmares at night. However, it is precise because of this that Requiem Online compares favorably with competitors. Therefore, this game will appeal to those tired of bright colors and fairy-tale characters.

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