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Review of the game Reroll

The attention of fans of modern online games is offered an unusual Action RPG style game with survival elements called ReRoll from Canadian developers from the PIXYUL studio. It will allow you to plunge headlong into an unforgettable world of amazing adventures. ReRoll involves the survival of dozens of players in the vastness of various parts of our planet.

Canadian developers are still hiding their offspring from prying eyes. At the moment, they surf the Earth and replenish the base with the help of maps and photographs taken with the help of unmanned drones. This allows them to simulate a virtual prototype of the Earth.

ReRoll online game scale

The fact that our planet is huge does not bother the developers at all. It is assumed that the game will gradually develop due to periodic replenishment with new regions, each of which is the result of a scanned and converted into a virtual area of ​​​​the terrain (cities, villages, coasts). Although a complete digitized and detailed model of the Earth is unlikely to be obtained, since unmanned devices in some states are prohibited at the level of legislation.

Features of the online game ReRoll

The uniqueness of this game lies in the fact that a complete simulation of the survival process is made, in which the user is given the opportunity to go wherever he wants without any obstacles, while having, for example, only a couple of spoons and a rope. The world around you allows you to collect items, weapons or even a small robot from garbage, which will help the hero in regularly arising difficulties and conflicts.

A highlight from the developers

Among other things, the developers have provided one interesting bonus: when entering the game, the user gets not only the opportunity to shoot and take a walk, but also to do it under the weather conditions that are currently typical for the area in real life. For example, if it is evening and raining in Hong Kong, the same is reflected in the game. For more interesting and entertaining features of ReRoll, visit the MMOTOP.ORG website.

The idea sounds temptingly interesting, but many months of silence on the project website does not bode well. Will Canadian developers fall victim to their own ambitions?

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