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The development of the Revelation online game began back in 2009 by the Chinese company NetEase. A few years later, during the first demonstrations, we saw what many considered a Chinese clone of Blade & Soul, and "big-eyed" cuteies were listed as the main attractions of the project.

Fortunately, it soon became obvious that not only girls can boast of the game. In Revelation, content is conventionally divided into three types: ground, water and air. That is, you will have to fight in the most incredible conditions. Characters can fly a la Blade & Soul, but with one serious caveat - this can be done without restrictions.

Unlike Blade & Soul, the Chinese took seriously not only the PvE component, but also PvP. Stronghold sieges, clan wars, and cross-server battlegrounds play an important role in the world of Revelation. At the same time, the PvE and quests are fairly standard kill-and-fetch, although they try to do it beautifully - you can really feel the influence of Blade & Soul here. Of course, the game contains all kinds of bosses and dungeons of different scale and complexity.

The combat system is not the newfangled non-target now, but tries to be like it (pseudo non-target), allowing players to use crosshairs to aim. There is also a classic control scheme with auto-target. It is worth noting that local combat allows you to dodge attacks, which makes it quite fun and dynamic.

The graphic part can hardly be called phenomenally beautiful, but Revelation looks at least worthy, unless of course you have nothing against the colorful Asian style. The game world is large and seamless, with a dynamic weather system and day/night cycles. Moreover, the developers promise to implement all sorts of weather effects that affect the gameplay.

At the moment, Revelation allows players to choose one of six available classes: Mage, Reaper, Marksman, Knight, Druid, Guardian. All characters can be either male or female. A serious customization system will allow you to make a truly unique character.

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