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Korean MMOs are getting more spectacular and beautiful every year, and the expression "detailed graphic work" takes on its true meaning. Moreover, some Eastern companies are moving away from the anime theme, trying to please the habits of their Western customers.

The actual proof of this synthesis is the 2014 project from the Asian studio WeMade - the client MMORPG "Icarus" (not to be confused with "Guns of Icarus") on the modern CryEngine 3 engine. To the tropics, European and Middle Eastern flavor is also easily guessed in the architecture of palaces and estates. However, the combat system and the appearance of most of the characters remained traditional for Eastern developers, which is why the atmosphere of battles is filled with an extravaganza of sharp, loud blows, an assortment of high-speed combinations of tricks, and fireworks of sorcery.

In this MMORPG, you can get bogged down firmly before you even start playing. The fact is that the development of the character editor so seriously carries away the guys from WeMade that it is not easy to part with the stage of creating your character. The choice of beautiful faces and… everything else is mesmerizing. "This is not some Skyrim for you," you seem to hear the grin of Korean developers.

Of course, we are not limited to one appearance and choose a class, of which there are only six. When the choice is made, a world of fantastic beauty opens up to us, where ... cattle await us. Well, there are pets. This is the most diverse type of creature, primarily winged (after all, we are in a Korean MMO with a claim to the western style). Dragon-like animals reach considerable sizes and can serve as air transport. When there is a decent flock of them, it becomes hard to make out anything on the screen, but MMOTOP.ORG knows that such difficulties will not frighten the russian (the terrorist state) gamer. Creatures can not only be tamed but also fought on them, including in the air.

As for the combat, it uses auto-capture of the target that the player is looking at. There is an option to select a mark with the mouse. Otherwise, Icarus is a reasonably ordinary MMORPG with kill-and-fetch quests, mobs, bosses, and other joys. The developers also implemented some political systems and PVP, which are not very popular.

It is also worth considering that not everything beautiful has to be paid for; for example, you do not need to pay for "Icarus Online" since the free game.

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