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Riding High
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Review of the game Riding High

Riding High is an unusual MMO game. At its core, it is a riding simulator. Of course, it's not as weird as the world famous goat simulator. However, in terms of the level of strangeness, Riding High probably claims to be in second place. This unusual project has already been mentioned on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Gameplay Features

The gameplay is based on running fast horses. At the same time, each horse has its own character and individual characteristics. In this regard, many horses will not be so easy to handle. The developers of Riding High offer their own version of the PvP mode, where players will be offered the opportunity to compete in the speed of overcoming obstacles. In addition, the authors of the project promise gamers cool AAA + level graphics, a free game world, an adventure atmosphere, and even the ability to build buildings. That is, judging by the words, the project is planned to be very interesting. Which is true, judging by the official website, the conversation here is limited.

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