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Rift GuardKeepers of the Rift
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Review of the game Rift Guards

Riven Guardians is a fantasy MMORPG from Creagames where players once again have to save the world from the attacks of the forces of darkness. This time the legions of demons attacked Incuria, breaking through the Rift.

Despite the presence of the standard browser-based RPG "Autoboy" for the genre, players are required to take a direct part in completing quests and boss fights. Moreover, according to the developers, a well-dressed and pumped-up character is not enough to win - you need to use tactics and the right combination of abilities.

Rift Guard features six playable classes: Warrior, Knight, Priest, Engineer, Bard, Hunter, with different stats and abilities. A large selection of talents is one of the key features of the game, which will allow you to create a unique build.

Guilds play an important role in Rivenguard, providing the character with clan talents and even shelter - guilds have their own locations that can be equipped.

Known information about the game suggests that Rift Guard is a worthy representative of the genre, but what kind of game will actually be, we will only know after the release.

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