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Rise of Metin
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Rise of Metin is a typical Asian MMORPG project. This game clearly shows the desire of Asian developers for bright colors and all kinds of special effects. At the same time, here we can observe the complete absence of any clear style and taste. It seems that Sergei Zverev himself was responsible for the style in this game. At the same time, the outfits of all the characters look like they were taken from the wardrobe of Valery Leontiev.

Project Features

According to the MMOTOP.ORG website, Rise of Metin's storyline looks no less mediocre than all other aspects of the game. The most ordinary asteroid fell to Earth, as a result of which new portals opened on our planet. From these portals, hordes of angular and primitive monsters began to fall to Earth. To destroy this entire company, you will need to choose one of 6 races. Of these races, it is worth highlighting huge pandas, feminine male characters and young girls who are distinguished by a huge head and other disproportionate parts of the body. Does not paint the game and a disgusting interface, a weak picture and a primitive combat system.

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