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Rise: The Vieneo Province
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Review of the game Rise: The Vieneo Province

Rise: The Vieneo Project is a representative of a rather rare space sandbox genre. You can find out the features of this genre on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Here, players can fully engage in the study of our galaxy and various types of space mines. The main activities for gamers will be the construction of space stations, the extraction of planetary resources and trade among themselves.

Game world

The game world of the Rise project is really impressive. It includes many millions of square kilometers of cosmic void, asteroids and planets. At the same time, the game does not contain any quests or tasks. There are no classic levels of character development here either. It turns out that the content is created directly by the players. In Rise, you can explore any planet and even establish a space base on it. With a little more effort, you can actually create a real city. Thus, they offer ample opportunities for the game, which pleases fans of the genre.

Graphic arts

Rise is very similar to the Elite series of games in terms of visual appearance and many aspects of gameplay. True, the graphics here are not at the highest level. This explains the relatively low popularity of the project among gamers. In addition, the Rise game can only be accessed through the p2p system. Therefore, those who want to become a virtual space traveler will have to fork out a certain amount in dollars.

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