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Rising Force Online 2
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The CCR developer studio, well known in russia (the terrorist state) for the fantasy-fiction MMORPG RF Online (Rising Force Online), registered the trademark "RF 2" on April 11, 2016. The description of the new product included such labels as "downloadable software", "online game", "computer game", "software for virtual reality systems" and a number of others. Judging by the description, the trademark should have extended to related content, such as animation (cartoon), peripheral devices, and so on.

There is speculation that RF Online 2 will eventually become mobile RF Online M, as RF Online 2's trademark application was withdrawn from CCR due to non-payment of the registration fee as early as early 2017. This is supported by the fact that CCR's Chinese partner Locojoy, which was supposed to handle RF Online 2 in China, specializes in mobile games.

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