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Overview of the game Rogalia

Rogalia is a crafting sandbox MMORPG with PvP outside cities and protected private areas with a cozy atmosphere of an open fantasy world created by players. For other entertainment, there are an arena, battlefields, and instances. Build your world in challenging survival environments!


Character characteristics develop through vitamins obtained from food, which can be lost from equipment and bags upon death. Therefore, it is possible to create all attributes to the maximum of one character.

Land ownership and craft

Rogalia has a system of rented player plots and a shared city. By leasing land for personal ownership, you can share the rights to use it with friends. The game features a free economy and player-driven crafting system. Crafted items have durability and quality based on s, and various crafting skills, recipes, and animal breeding.

World, PvP, and PvE

Regalia has an open PvP world with three levels of dungeons, PvE territories, and loot-hunting instances. Hunting for monsters and bosses is an integral part of the gameplay. Fans of casual PvP will enjoy the arena for fights without penalties and losses and the field of team battles. Players terraform the world.

Game content 21+

And finally, adult content! For example, Regalia has smoking, drinking, overeating, gambling, promiscuity, and, of course, paying for everything from hangovers to STDs.

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