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Rohan OnlineR.OHAN: Blood Feud game overview

Rohan OnlineR.OHAN: Blood Feud
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Overview of the game Rohan Online

Rohan Online is a game released in 2008 filled with all the charms of games of its format: almighty gods, greedy and ignorant people, troubled times and civil strife. A typical game for its format, not too unusual, but with a claim to luxury. All the details, nuances and features can already be found on the MMOTOP.ORG website.


The game is quite typical, and compared to its peers in terms of release time, it is much inferior to them in terms of graphics. Although it is worth paying tribute to those who worked on the development of the surrounding landscape, the appearance of the characters and their clothes. The creators and developers have worked out everything to the smallest detail. The only negative is that everything is too pretentious and pretentious, albeit of high quality.


The game provides for the presence of as many as seven combat races, among which only one is people. All the rest are elven and dark elven peoples, elven half-breeds, giants, dhans and dikans. Each nation does not have a class division, but differs in some specific combat skills. So some perfectly know the tactics of long-range combat, others - melee, while others perfectly cope with everything with the help of magic. For all that, Dikans and Dhans even have a slight advantage over other races - each kill goes into the treasury of experience. Otherwise, each player, upon reaching level 50, can choose a second specialization. It is tempting, but costly, because it will take a lot of effort to develop it.


The game has quite a few tasks to complete, which could affect its popularity among gamers. However, this incident is compensated by the mobogrind in full, which returns users to their previous positions at their computers. There is also one funny point - an attack on the enemy can be made no more than once every 3 hours. Yes, in addition to everything there are traditional large-scale battles tied to the defense and capture of the next city. The program also provides a paid option, by connecting which you can find out the name of your offender and take revenge on him by simply teleporting to where he is now. It seems boring, but the opportunity to do a lot of interesting and unusual things is very tempting.


Of course, as in any other game of this type, Rohan Online cannot do without a system of creation, improvement and gathering, as well as extraction. Players will not be able to pass by local entertainment in the form of pets, playful fights, fishing and dancing.

In general, the game is a graphic disgrace, subtly balanced by various little things. For those who love a high-quality picture, it’s better not to even meddle in it. And vice versa - to whom the process itself is important, everything is put on here so that it is unpretentious and not too straining the brain to kill a lot of free time.

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