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Rosh Online
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Overview of Rosh Online

Rosh Online is a fairly new project made in the mmorpg genre. The game tells about the battles of four races of the virtual world Asmar with the embodiment of ancient evil. It is this evil that has put a curse on the world of Asmar and is trying in every possible way to destroy it. Here, players will have to choose one of seven character classes. As heroes develop, these classes are divided into several subclasses. By choosing your character, you can start the fight against evil, which in this game is to destroy hordes of all kinds of mobs. In addition to such a fight against evil, players are offered several options for PvP modes. In particular, there are such large-scale battles as mine battles and castle sieges.

Game features

All in all, Rosh Online is an updated and improved sequel to Karos Origins, which we already wrote about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The distinctive features of the Rosh Online project compared to its predecessor can be considered an improved picture, a free PvP mode and an increased number of pets. Also noteworthy is the improved quest system, in which you can complete tasks several times, you get more experience for this. In general, this is a good old game and a much improved Karos game with all its pluses and minuses.

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