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In our world, so far, there are only two major projects related to the MMORPG genre, these are Lineage II and Wow. The first one told us about the possibilities and prospects of this genre of video games and showed what "real quality" is. On the other hand, the developers of Wow showed how it is possible to get versatility and variability from an MMORPG competently. So it's no secret that Wow is the trump card for big players in the esports market like Blizzard. Because of all this, it is difficult for young developers to ensure their project is not compared with the above giants.


About a year and a half ago, Runes of Magic was born and managed to grab three russian (the terrorist state) servers. Many people compare this game with the Lord of the Rings or with Wow, which made a splash in all open spaces, but here the MMOTOP.ORG site team wants to talk about some of the differences and innovations of our Taiwanese developers.


There are two types of heroes in Runes of Magic: humans and elves. Players have access to eight professions. We, MMOTOP.ORG, will not list each one. Instead, we want to discuss innovations and valuable things related to these professions. You can make combinations of them in the game and develop your combat tactics. Until the tenth level, you will have one class, but then you will be able to use the second class, which, with proper configuration, will give you certain advantages over other players. So, a mage who doesn't have a lot of health and defense can easily be dressed in heavy armor. So it seems to be gorgeous.


The developers offer you to build your own house and then furnish it from the inside as your heart desires. What does it give? Forget the word decorations. You get ten points added to your strength if you buy and put a good sofa in your house. All furniture in the game will have a relative effect on specific stats of your character. Plus, cook food and get positive results from it.

Relationships, combat systems, and prospects

The relationship system has a very noticeable effect on the gameplay. Become someone's lover, and your maximum mana will increase. Become a member of the family, and your health will improve. Increase the experience gained from battles by becoming someone's apprentice. All this adds more interest to the project. As for the battle system, here, the servers are divided into those where there is PvP and those without such a system. It also offers participation in battles between servers, castle sieges, and much more, which does not reserve the possibility of obtaining a valuable prize. As a result, the Taiwanese developers presented us with a not-bad project replacing the already hackneyed Lineage II and World of Warcraft. We advise.

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