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Review of the game Rusty Hearts

Today, any vampire slasher will be perceived with some skepticism, since there are a lot of such games today. In Rusty Hearts Online, the creators have collected many stereotypes of the genre, therefore, the game looks like a classic representative of this popular cohort. And this is despite her online status.

Game features

At first, you may be a little confused by the lack of a traditional hero editor. However, then you realize that it is not so much the appearance that is important, but the skills and capabilities of the characters. Rusty Hearts Online offers only three heroes - the red-haired sorceress Angela, who is used in battle with a scythe and blades; funny tramp Trude, who prefers brass knuckles and combat gloves; a dark half-blooded vampire who uses axes in battle. All three of these characters love to create a lot of stuffing, which is what they do throughout the gameplay. To do this, they use all sorts of weapons, as well as various combo attacks. At the same time, you can use the attacking capabilities of your team to create combo attacks. You can be engaged in the production of minced meat mainly in gloomy dungeons, consisting of certain stages. Each major dungeon has its own individual story and additional quests. To complete them, you can choose one of four difficulty levels. You can go through them both independently and together with your friends. By the way, when playing as a team, you will receive better loot samples.

Combat system

The combat system in Rusty Hearts Online is largely taken from console slashers. Therefore, you can forget about your mouse for a long time. The main control mechanism uses the buttons on the keyboard or the gamepad on the PC. All fights take place at a crazy pace and are accompanied by all sorts of jumps and flips. As you progress through the dungeon, the concentration of such exercises steadily increases until the moment you meet a huge and fat monster that awaits you at the end of any level. When you kill him, you get access to the statistics screen, which shows the number of all your attacks and combos. There are levels when, after the destruction of the last monster, a demon appears in front of you, which can send you to a parallel world where new monsters are waiting for you.


In general, if not for a number of shortcomings, Rusty Hearts Online could be a really very exciting and interesting game. Among the shortcomings, one can note the monotony of levels and the minimal possibilities of the PvP mode, in which there are only Survival, TDM and DM options. And so we are dealing with another online meat grinder, which will only please the amount of meat.

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