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Sacred Saga Online is a MMORPG with elements of strategy that tells about the confrontation between human heroes and the ancient Greek gods and their minions. The project was developed by a small indie studio GameHollywood and published by Global Genom Corporate.

According to the plot, the gods began to look jealously at the ancient Greek city of Athens, as it flourished greatly and people began to forget about faith. In order to remind of themselves, and at the same time to take away everything that people have, the almighty began to send various creatures to the metropolis: from monsters to demigods. You have been assigned as the protector of the settlement.

Players can choose from three classes: knight, wizard, or archer. The features of each, I believe, are known to everyone who has ever played RPGs and MMORPGs. The gameplay of the project is isometric, with many special effects, animations, pumping, crafting and semi-automatic gameplay. The last fact will appeal to browser lovers, but not to ordinary fans of the genre, who now and then leave negative reviews of the game on Steam with something like this: “I tried to play the game, but it sent me off and does it on its own.”

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