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Saint Seiya Online game overview

Saint Seiya Online
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Overview of the game Saint Seiya Online

Saint Seiya Online is another project in the MMORPG genre, made by the famous Chinese company Perfect World. The game was created directly in China, and therefore it has a lot of cute elements.

Story and gameplay

The plot was based on the manga comic Saint Seiya, which was very popular in Asia around the mid-nineties. The plot of the game is dedicated to the battles of the five zodiac knights and the Olympic gods. At the same time, the gods want to capture the Earth and make it their possessions. The player can join one of the factions and plunge headlong into the game, where there are all the elements of crafting, farming, grinding and so on. In Saint Seiya Online, you can complete many quests both in solo mode and in a company with other anime fans. The only drawback of the project is not the best graphics according to the MMOTOP.ORG website.

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