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Salem game review

Previously, all gamers associated Sweden only with the DICE project. Now this country is much more often remembered in the context of such popular sandboxes as Wurm Online and Minecraft, which we mentioned earlier on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Specialists from Seatribe also wanted to become Swedes in the gaming world. They decided to develop a new Salem project, which should become the ideological successor of the famous sandbox.

The essence of the game

In essence, the Salem project is a 17th century colonist simulator. In terms of graphics, it looks no better than its predecessors. In particular, it looks even worse than many games of the late nineties. Here you will see the same dirty textures, lots of squares and cubes acting as terrain, as well as the typical single pixel models. However, you should not pay special attention to the graphics, since in such games it fades into the background, while positive emotions and a unique atmosphere play the main role here. All lovers of beautiful graphics are recommended to play the third Crisis.

Game process

The game begins with you as a new colonist in a new England. As a weapon, you have only an old ax, but in your head you are thinking over a plan to conquer new lands. Here everyone can become a real master of the prairies or canyons, as well as an agronomist or beaver scalp collectors. However, for this you will need to pump your character for a long time and learn new skills. In Salem, for development, you will need to collect various pebbles, leaves, shells and twigs. At the same time, the leveling process will depend on the food you eat. That is, the whole direction of the development of the hero will depend on whether he eats meat, fish or vegetables.

Natural economy

Subsistence farming plays an important role in the Salem project. To create it, you will need to build a house, create your own garden and acquire firewood. At the same time, you will have to fight off beaver attacks, raise rabbits and do other things like that. After creating your subsistence economy, the fun begins in the game. You will be the envy of less successful players who will want to take by force everything acquired by overwork, and cripple or even kill you yourself.

Special Skills

Once you reach a certain development, your hero will be able to get a unique skill that will allow you to track down hooligans who attack or rob you. After you have recognized your enemy, it will be possible to build a plan for revenge. You can take revenge right away, but it is better to wait for a good time when the enemy relaxes as much as possible. It is worth noting that death in Salem is final and irrevocable, so not everyone dares to break the law and join a fight.

witch class

In Salem, of particular interest is the class of witches who live off the fact that they profit from others. Witches receive special points in the form of Numen after performing their dirty deeds. For example, a witch can easily create an item that has negative properties. This thing can significantly ruin the life of any colonist. That is, if you put the cursed log you created in a pile of normal logs, then their owner will chop and saw much more slowly. At the same time, the witch will be able to receive the coveted Numen.


It is worth noting that Salem offers many development options. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to settle down in a particular place, to engage in construction and agriculture. You can simply travel around the world, discovering many interesting places. The most bloodthirsty will be able to become real serial killers, on which other players will hunt. In general, in Salem you will have a lot of things to do, which ones specifically - it depends only on you.

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