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Aeria Games started its game publishing business back in 2006. The productivity of this company is just amazing, even if some games seem the same. Another clone of clones was the Korean grinder Scarlet Blade.

In Scarlet Blade, which in the Asian interpretation is called Queen`s Blade, gamers initially had the opportunity to play only female characters. The developers of the game, apparently, studied the statistics, and it was clear from it that female characters are more popular than male ones. However, men were added later.

The MMORPG Scarlet Blade is done in a typical Asian style, with lots of bright colors and skimpy girls. Of course, this game could not do without “questing” and “grinding”, but the developers also added battlefields in which several dozen players can fight at the same time.

In general, Scarlet Blade is a typical Korean grinder, the fantasy scenery of which was replaced with sci-fi landscapes.

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