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Review of the game Scarlet Legacy

August 2011 was a milestone for the Taiwanese company InterServ, which managed to please MMORPG fans with their new project called Scarlet Legacy. Its creators immediately stated that the game is sure to become a new milestone in this popular genre. However, unfortunately, the Taiwanese developers have another clone of WoW. True, there are some innovations in the game that deserve your attention.


As for the plot, it looks very traditional, forcing the players once again to take up saving the world from hordes of demons. Of course, there is also a romantic element in Scarlet Legacy, according to which you are obliged to save the princess from evil forces. Of course, absolutely everyone who decides to play Scarlet Legacy will have to deal with the rescue of the princess. At the same time, the poor princess will have a hard time, because hordes of militant Assassins, Mystics, Monks and classic Warriors will save her. By the way, it is these 4 classes that are considered the main ones in the game. All of them although to be honored, but even a fairy-tale heroine is not enough for everyone.


The creators of the game decided to simplify the already rather casual gameplay by introducing an automatic support system into it. Thanks to such a system, all jars and bottles will be used in battle automatically. She will even apply some of your hero's skills. Therefore, those macros that are often found in modern MMORPGs just rest. As a result, in Scarlet Legacy, all the difficult moments of PvP will remain on the shoulders of artificial intelligence. At the same time, players will be able to feel the maximum level of pure action.

Chain kill system

Another interesting feature of the project is the chain kill system, which in the original is called the Chain Kill System. With this system, you can easily destroy monsters by crushing them into pieces. This process should be almost continuous, then you will be able to receive rewards for every 100th or 1000th monster defeated in a row. A similar system takes place in PvP mode. Although, of course, getting bonuses is much more difficult here. This is due to the fact that destroying primitive mobs with fireballs is one thing, but fighting real players is another.


In general, nothing special Scarlet Legacy is able to surprise experienced gamers. Of course, the game may appeal to some, as it offers a simple and rather friendly gameplay. However, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, this Taiwanese project will not be too interesting for seasoned gamers. To date, the volume of content is directly proportional to the age of the project. Therefore, it is very far from two-digit numbers.

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