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School of Dragons is a cartoon style MMORPG based on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise by DreamWorks. According to the plans of the developers, the project was supposed to be a logical continuation of the sensational saga about dragons, but apparently, something went wrong and the output was not a very suitable game with a predominant number of flaws than pluses.

Probably the only thing that the developers went with a bang was the dragon system: there are a lot of them, they are well drawn, and most importantly, you can fly on them. But here the first minus crept up, you will have to fly at a speed of 3-5 km / h, that is, the speed of an ordinary pedestrian. It remains to add to this poor management, which can spend a lot of nerves, a small "bug" that sometimes makes it fall into textures, as well as donat, donat without end and edge.

In general, the project can only appeal to fans of the franchise who have never played an MMORPG before and are between the ages of five and ten. However, in this case, parents should be on their guard and take care of their wallets, as the game forces you to buy from the first minutes.

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