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Sea BattleTidal Trek, Sea Devil game overview

Sea BattleTidal Trek, Sea Devil
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Overview of the game Naval Battle

Sea Battle is an online browser game where you have to stand at the helm of a pirate ship and shout "Caramba!" go on a journey between the islands, fight dangerous monsters and take part in clan battles.

The beginning of the game is standard: after falling overboard, you, the captain (or captain) of the ship find yourself on an unknown shore with complete amnesia. Not having time to wake up, an assistant appears in front of you, who prophesies the future of the greatest captain to you, gives you a battered ship with a crew on board and sends you on your first task to kill a giant tortoise.

After completing the task, a big world opens up to us, full of unknown islands and monsters. Of course, it is undesirable to immediately sail wherever your eyes look, first you need to properly upgrade and purchase a new ship, and then it’s not far from participating in clan wars. Sea Battle has a rather interesting system for upgrading ships: almost everything can be upgraded, from decks to helms and guns.

Battles in the game are turn-based and take place in special, instanced locations, divided into hexagonal fields. The most important thing in the battle is to choose the best place to attack, and then shelling with cores occurs until one of the sides is completely destroyed. Everything in the game is designed in a modern style with a nice interface, so playing the project is quite interesting.

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