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Seal Online
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Overview of the game Seal Online

Seal Online was originally planned to launch back in 2005. However, this typical anime style project only appeared in 2007. At the same time, two years of delay did not affect the project as a whole. Seal Online is not something really original and interesting. There are practically no innovations and unique elements. The creators simply decided to copy many of the components from the old games that have already been mentioned on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Graphics and style

However, all the same, there is something good in the game Seal Online, namely graphics and a harmonious style. Despite the fact that the picture looks quite colorful and beautiful, it does not feel overloaded with colors and special effects, as it could be given the Korean origin of the game. When playing Seal Online, it creates a pleasant feeling of childhood, as if we are watching a Sunday cartoon and waiting for mom's pancakes.


Unfortunately, all good graphics are limited. Initially, Seal Online had six classes, but rather quickly their number grew to two dozen. In this case, quantity has nothing to do with quality. Many of the classes differ only in name and color of clothing. All this was the result of a minimal set of skills and a very modest budget for the project as a whole. As for the other components of the gameplay, they also do not shine with high quality. Quests are primitive, the pet system looks very poor, and so on. That is, it seems that Seal Online will not be able to attract fans of the genre of online games in general. Its only purpose is as an introductory platform for children who are just starting to master network projects. All fans of anime are unlikely to like this game, and therefore you should not waste your time on it.

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