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Overview of Secret World

In 2012, Electronic Arts Corporation was pleased with a fresh look at MMORPG, for which Funcom studio developed the mystical action "The Secret World." Today, the graphics of this RPG may seem a little clumsy because even at the time of release, it did not stand out for its image quality, but the game has something to attract attention. Its horror atmosphere, dynamic change of many locations, excellent story, development of the characters, and references to the most exciting topics of our time, including politics, religion, mythology, and gossip. After passing the game once, interest in it fades somewhat because, despite the prefix "online," the PvP system is worked out much worse than the plot.

secret world

The plot is tied to many mystical mysteries of humanity with a good portion of the original ideas of the screenwriters, who added various dimensions, portals between them, and a single relationship between events - favorite topics for idle gossip of conspiracy theorists. Three world behind-the-scenes organizations are available for character selection: the Freemasons (heirs of the order of the Templars), the Illuminati, and Korean dragons (a tribute to the Asian audience - a third of the consumers of the entire gaming market).

Under their pressure, players will have to unravel cynical intrigues, experience terrible adventures, and solve dangerous puzzles in which spirits, werewolves, zombies, demons, monsters, and almost Cthulhu flicker. You can deal with mysticism in the usual way for MMORPGs - crumbling into the cabbage. For this, a system for developing weapons, skills, artifacts, and abilities is provided, of which there will be more than five hundred pieces.

Down with the classes

But the main thing in "The Secret World" is not fights, but interaction with NPC characters that develop the plot and offer to complete original missions - from decryption to journalism. To make it more convenient to complete the quest, you should decide on the character's class skills. There are so many abilities offered on the "skill wheel" that you can have some fun trying out various combinations of them. The wheel is divided into three zones: long-range and two magical displays of power. Introducing a flexible skill system made it possible to eliminate the level slider - an innovation but a particular one.

Spy, come out to the UN.

To confront the factions in the multiplayer mode, only three locations are allotted: Stonehenge, El Dorado, and Fusang, and because of the unequal size, the players choose the latter for constant disassembly. PvP pleases with bonuses, artifacts, and Anima - a key component to creating new objects. The only way to acquire it is either through trading or mining checkpoints.

The task of the factions in the struggle with each other is not only to control the territories but also to possess the sources of Anima. According to MMOTOP.ORG, The Secret World stands out against the developers' habit of cloning each other with its atmospheric quality and deserves to be completed at least once. So it's better, of course, to have all the factions at once - the plot, after all, is different for each one.

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