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Seed World game overview

seed world
Game genre: MMO Survival
Available regions:
Game setting: Sci-Fi
Release date: October 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unreal Engine 4
Free to Play

Seed World is an action-packed MMORPG developed by SEED DAO, designed for the PC platform. This dynamic game offers a plethora of features that set it apart from other titles in the genre: early access, VR capabilities, sword fighting, 3D-platformer elements, immersive physics, sports game mechanics, slasher action, real-time tactics, martial arts, and a rich role-playing experience. Set in a medieval cartoonish world, Seed World also incorporates action, casual gaming elements, and combat sequences. You can explore the game from a first-person perspective, making each adventure feel incredibly personal and engaging. The game modes include "massive multiplayer" and "multiplayer", ensuring that players can always find comrades or adversaries to enhance their experience.

Published by SEED DAO, Seed World is distributed globally free of charge. Currently, the game is still under development, and eager players can stay updated on the latest news and download opportunities, including torrent options, via the official website. The game is also available on the Steam store, but as of now, there are no user reviews.

Seed World was officially announced in 2022, and since then, the development team has been hard at work, with the project's timeline spanning over two years. The game is targeted towards a global audience of avid MMORPG players and VR enthusiasts. According to internal metrics, Seed World attracts approximately 50,000 daily players and has garnered a player base of around 1 million users since its inception.

The official game description states: "A hardcore cold-weapon VR combat game like Soul, players need to defeat the bosses on each level through their own efforts and finally reach the top level to pass." This succinctly highlights the core challenge and appeal of Seed World, promising an intense and rewarding experience.

Review from MMOTOP.ORG

Seed World presents an intriguing blend of various gaming elements, making it a unique entry in the MMORPG genre. The integration of VR and sword fighting offers a fresh and immersive experience that is bound to attract a niche audience. The game's medieval cartoonish aesthetic adds a charming touch, though it may not be to everyone's taste. The early access status means that there are still some bugs and unfinished features, which can be frustrating for players looking for a polished experience. However, SEED DAO's commitment to regular updates and community feedback is commendable.

One of the standout features is the real-time combat mechanics, which are both challenging and satisfying. The game's physics engine adds a layer of realism that enhances the overall experience. On the downside, the game's complexity might be overwhelming for casual gamers, and the current lack of user reviews makes it difficult to gauge the community's overall sentiment.

In conclusion, Seed World shows a lot of promise and could become a major player in the MMO space if SEED DAO continues to improve and expand the game. Based on its current state and potential, we rate Seed World at 55 out of 100. This score reflects its innovative features and the areas that still need enhancement.


What platforms is Seed World available on?

Seed World is currently available exclusively on the PC platform.

Is Seed World free to play?

Yes, Seed World is distributed free of charge by the publisher SEED DAO.

Does Seed World support VR?

Yes, Seed World supports Virtual Reality (VR) for an immersive gaming experience.

How can I download Seed World?

You can download Seed World from the official website or via the Steam store.

Game information last update: 17.01.2024

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