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Overview of the game Semperium

Semperium is a medieval browser-based MMORPG with a fairly large game world, real-life combat, and nine classes.

In addition, the project has a great variety and abundance of content. So, in the game you can count more than two thousand items, about five hundred monsters, animals, as well as recipes for crafting, but that's not all, one of the notable achievements is one hundred and fifty levels of character development, six-room houses for the hero, ninety plant species and herbs.

Unfortunately, the creators of the project focused their attention on the degree of development of the game world, but they scored on the graphic component. As a result, the Semperium does not look very good against the background of modern 3D browser games... But you should not forget about the pluses, if you like a completely open world, real-time battles, interactive environments and other benefits of the civilized world, then the Semperium will have you soul.

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