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Seventh ElementSeven Souls, Martial Empires
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Review of the game The Seventh Element

In any modern multiplayer project, there should be a lot of drive, blood and female characters with beautiful forms. The creators of the game The Seventh Element decided to strictly follow the laws of the genre, not stepping back from them. The result is a quite decent game that has managed to contain all the achievements of the developers over the previous years. Therefore, this project was fully covered on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

The plot of The Seventh Element

The game plot is simple, as in many games of this genre. The player will have to save the world, which is under threat of destruction by the six elements. These elements want to release one evil magician. The game world, inhabited mainly by people, is called Neuilly here. It has a very impressive size, which speaks of the painstaking work of its creators. There are hundreds of territories and several dozen cities here, therefore, it will be very difficult to explore the entire game world. The situation is facilitated by the fact that you can travel here not only on two legs, but also with the help of riding creatures or special vehicles.

Creating heroes

Particular attention in the Seventh Element is paid to the issue of creating a hero. There are more than fifty customizable characteristics here, therefore, in the game, all characters differ from each other and you will hardly see clones. In a project, you can choose between three classes. In this case, the gender is tied to the class. That is, warriors and magicians are only men, and huntresses are exclusively women. At the same time, the Seventh Element offers a variety of options for weapons used. For magicians, various one-handed swords, scythes and original discs are offered. Warriors are great with two-handed swords, axes, and glaives. For hunters, claws, daggers and bows are provided.

It is very convenient that you can change weapons right during the battles, which provides a wide variety of fighting styles. This is facilitated by very developed areas of development of skills and abilities. At the same time, each class has three branches of skills designed for a particular type of weapon. The game completely lacks such a popular class as a medic. Instead, there is the ability of meditation, with which you can quickly replenish health in between battles.

Game principle

To be successful in the game The Seventh Element, you need to kill many different creatures, among which are demons, meerkats and various giants. In addition, the creators of the game have provided a lot of interesting tasks that will not let you get bored. There are also several arena maps where players can fight each other. Starting at level 20, every player can enjoy real free PvP, which cannot be done in cities.

In battle, you will focus on two indicators of mana - actually magic and faith. Also, it is important to consider the length of the combined strokes. Also, each hero has a certain rage bar, which fills up and turns the hero into a furious warrior, heir to the ancient Vikings. Those who do not really like fighting can try their hand at crafting. To do this, the creators have developed a thoughtful and multifaceted crafting system. Its main one is the Cube, which allows you to compose and separate objects or make copies of them.

General impression

In general, The Seventh Element is at a very high level, to which it has been raised by excellent graphics and high dynamism of battles. In addition, the pleasant features of the game are element cards that allow you to diversify the process of customizing heroes as much as possible. Also, we should not forget about the jackpot system and various bonuses that make the game even more exciting.

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