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As you can see, Electronic Arts Inc. prefer to publish sci-fi or sky-fi projects. So for 2015, under their auspices, the release of the MMORPG "Shadow Realms" from the BioWare studio is scheduled. The new action game is going to captivate the audience with a well-developed plot, next-generation graphics and its contribution to the development of the barely emerging genre of “asymmetric co-op”. It consists in balancing characters of different strengths with the number of them on one side or the other of the front. In this case, four fighters will confront only one - the Lord of Shadows, who is a kind of strategist who is developing what kind of dirty trick to arrange for the four: send a horde of monsters, charge a trap, or prepare a particularly powerful boss.

There are seven combat classes for fighters. Some of them are endowed with paranormal abilities, but basically the scenario concerns developments in the field of high technologies. By the way, about the script. The main idea revolves around moving between two worlds in contact - Earth and Embra, but the main thing is that BioWare pleased with their intention to supplement the plot on a monthly basis, releasing appropriate game updates. Well, we on the site MMOTOP.ORG wish the developers good luck, because there is still hope that such major manufacturers as Electronic Arts and BioWare will turn their ideas into reality.

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